Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Dream Race List

Each year, I put together the "dream race list" which Hector, my trainer, proceeds to tear apart
and give me what he thinks I should and can do. So far, this is THE dream list!!

November 2009
26 Nov 2009 Turkey Trot 5k
29 Nov 2009 Space Coast Half Marathon

December 2009
12 Dec 2009 Reindeer Run 5k

January 2010
09 Jan 2010 Disney Half Marathon
10 Jan 2010 Disney Marathon
Yes...for some reason...I signed up for the Goofy Challenge...AGAIN
31 Jan 2010 ING Miami Half Marathon

February 2010
19 Feb 2010 Sara McLarty's Swim Camp-NTC-Clermont
28 Feb 2010 Gasparilla Half Marathon-Tampa

March 2010
05 March 2010 Princess Half Marathon-Disney
14 March 2010 MIT International Distance Triathlon
27 March 2010 Great Clermont Triathlon-Olympic or Sprint

April 2010
10 April 2010 Escape from Fort Desoto Tri-Tampa Bay Area Sprint Distance
11 April 2010 SuperFrog-US Navy Seal-Olympic Tri-Coronado CA
17 April 2010 Swim Miami-Open Water 5k or 10k swim-Miami FL
18 April 2010 Breakaway to Sugarloaf Bike-Clermont

May 2010
23 May 2010 Baldwin Park Triathlon

June 2010
June 7 2010 The World's Most Beautiful Ride-Lake Tahoe-Century Bike
June 26, 2010 Rock n Roll Marathon-Seattle WA

July 2010
17 July 2010 Moss Park Triathlon

August 2010
29 August 2010 Alcatraz Triathlon-San Francisco CA

Sept 2010
05 Sept 2010 Rock n Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon
12 Sept 2010 The Nation's Triathlon Wash. DC

October 2010
01 Oct 2010 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon
17 Oct 2010 Ameliaman Olympic Distance Triathlon or Half Ironman Triathlon
30 Oct 2010 Ironman 70.3 Miami-Run as a Relay or run individually...still not sure..

November 2010
Volunteer at Ironman Florida
Volunteer at Ironman Arizona

This year will be focused on weight loss and the Half Ironman Distance until May and the Gulf Coast Triathlon. After that race, depending on how I do and how much weight I have lost at that point, I will make a determination about the way the rest of the year will go :) Please feel free to give me other ideas about races not listed or comment on the races listed here :)


Tri Mommy said...

You are a racing machine!!

I'm going to do the Reindeer Run and the Princess 1/2 Marathon too. I'm thinking that if I like the 1/2 marathon that I will probably do the Wine and Dine Half too...

Anne said...

Melissa - you are a racing machine! Go get 'em!

celmore said...

Wow. That a whole lot of racing.

Kendra said...

I don't know why I was under the mistaken impression you were going to take the training down a notch in '09 and focus on weight loss and other goals instead! I love your list. Reminds me I need to make my own. Are you considering signing up for both IMFL and IMAZ 2010? or volunteering in AZ for other reasons..?

I'd love to suggest a late May swim race for you: All of the distances are gorgeous!


I notice both IMFL and IMAZ. It might be that I did AZ in 95F heat but IMFL had it all over IMAZ in terms of being more user friendly.
Also, seeing how I make water and waste water treating chemicals, you may want to know that the City of Mesa after treating their sewage dumps into Tempe Lake or whatever they call it.....hmmmm

Lani said...

Please tell me this is the list before you go over it with Hector. It is an awful lot of racing IMO, if you're going to focus on your weight, focus on that, do some events, but not so many to stress you too much!

TriJenPB said...

LOL that is quite a list but I love it. I would love to do Tahoe with you, its fantastic! I'll probably do Princess Half and the Inaugural Wine & Dine Half. I'm already on the hook for Disney Half and Miami 70.3. I would love to do Gulf Coast (if I'm trained up a bit more) and Nations Tri (everyone says the course is awesome!). Guess we'll see whats left of it after Hector slashes it up, haha.

Kendra said...

Well I can give you my view on IMAZ too, but mostly I'm with Bob here. Would really rather swim in the Gulf than in Tempe Town Lake. I just got to Phx last night and my parents had trimmed an article out of the paper for me, on whether Tempe Town Lake is safe to swim in. hehe. But the course is SOOOO spectator friendly and would be a new scene for you. My vote would be sign up for both and see how 2010 progresses. IMAZ would work well for a backup race if IMFL didn't go as planned.

harburgm said...

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