Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Ham...on the move..

I gotta admit...every ride seems to get more interesting..and this morning was no exception. I usually head towards Clermont for my cycling workouts to include the hills and the trails that run through Lake County. This morning, I decided to head the other direction and enjoy the bike routes that run around the Orlando International Airport. Called simply "the airport ride" by my cycling purist friends, I understand why they love these roads early in the morning. These wide, well paved roads include a bike lane and little traffic...

Well except for this morning's encounter with what most people will be enjoying for Easter Lunch...Ham on the hoof!!

As I was coming through some fog at about mile 12 of what turned out to be a 35 mile bike, I saw this quick moving black "blob". It was moving too fast to be a cow...too large to be a dog...and too hairy to be a person. I kept my eye on it as it made its way across the open green space and up to the highway. To my shock...this was a wild pig...crossing the highway. I pulled out my phone as quick as I could and got the best shot possible and kept the bike upright!!

Why did the wild boar cross the road?? To get away from the crazy triathlete on her early morning ride!!

I could also say it was one of my cousins you know. Us large life forms need to stick together and encourage each other in our endeavors. His goal was not to become lunch...mine was to work off yesterday's lunch...and dinner...and any other calories that might have crossed my lips in the last 24 hours.

The ride was wonderful...light wind, good temperature, little traffic and plenty of time to get an attitude adjustment. Sometimes training can really get to your brain...other times it recharges you.

As the sun came up, I started to appreciate the gifts that have been bestowed upon me. Good health, a life free of a wheelchair, cane or walker and the ability to walk into a store and buy clothes off the rack. I am able to keep up with my nieces and nephews...raise money for amazing charities and have the blessing of training for the most grueling endurance event outside of Badwater. Realizing these things as the sun rose over my handlebars brought tears to my eyes...this is when you KNOW there is a Higher Power...for me....God is not only found in a sanctuary...he is found here..every morning.

Life is pretty good...for me...and for my big pig friend who found safety beyond the highway!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Now that's what we are talking about. Now it's my turn to get out of the pity pot! Thanks for helping me too.....

This is why I blog (woops, must write one of them soon!).

Kate said...

You go girl! You did better than I did - with my family in town, easter egg hunt and fun for the kiddies, I napped in the afternoon instead of running... don't tell Coach Beth!