Thursday, April 16, 2009

You know its a tough bike trainer workout when.....

....The incredibly fit women in the room with Ironman Arizona, Kentucky etc on their jersey are huffing and puffing!! I am...5am and back at the Y after a long work day at The Living Seas (just 90 minutes in the water yesterday...a nice light day for a change). This is a challenge for me...working a 15 hour day on Wednesday then getting up at 4am to be ready for Hector's Bike Trainer workout at 5am.

Now most spin classes are an hour in length. Hector's trainer class goes for almost 1 hour and 20 minutes. As we began the class, Hector decided to give it a name: Big Chain Ring Extravaganza! Oh God...I groaned. We are climbing hills today!!

Did I mention how much I love hills!!?? "Florida is FLAT HECTOR...why do we need this hill workout!!??" I thought to myself. But deep down, I know why!! It will make you stronger on the up those hamstrings and really get your rear in gear!!

As I followed along with this workout, I looked around the room. Im not the only one struggling ... but some of these participants in Hector's idea of a fun morning were BOOKIN' IT!! I mean...they were really making those pedals move. Ohhh I do aspire to that speed...those people really motivate me :)

So, after this 80 minute workout, its out the door and on the run. Hector screams at me to remember the speed bumps (which I did...this time) and off on my trot I went. I truly dream of the day that I can keep up with the group but for now, the solitude of this run is really amazing.

St. Anthony's is a week away...and I desperately want to pull a PR (Personal Record) at this race. My other huge goal is to FINISH the Gulf Coast Half Ironman under the cut off time. There will be something very emotional about coming across the finish line in Panama City on the site of the Ironman. I really need that mental boost to get me through the next months of training.

I want to also mention here a thank you to those who read my blog. In recent days, I have found out that alot of people follow my ups and downs. Your advice and encouragement means so much. There was a point last week where I seriously considered ending this journey. It is because of alot of YOUR comments, that I got through that rough patch. Thank you. To those Ironman triathletes that gave are each my hero. To those that aspire to being called an Ironman...your words ring so true because we are in the same boat...we are working towards a goal that a lot of people just dream about. You are amazing individuals.

As I ate lunch yesterday, my friend Beth sent me this quote:

"You only live once but if you work it right once is enough!"
Joe Lewis

I plan to get it right once...don't you???


IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

What's your race number next week? I am working transition Sunday morning, I will come by and say Hi.
Keep up the good work, and dont do too much high impact, we had one of our fellow November comptetitors for IMFL get a stress fracture overtraining. (Chris Boggs, Big Man Triing in Lousiana)

The Running Girl said...

You gotta love hills. I did hill repeats last night. Ugghhh.