Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who thought a bike trainer and gymnasium could make a morning so much fun

So I get this email from Hector that the team is doing their first "bike trainer" workout at the Y at 5am Thursday morning. Im intrigued and since Tuesdays and Thursdays I don't have to work with Boot Camp, I set my alarm and rolled out of bed at 4am to attend this workout extravaganza!!

I arrived at the Y and found that I wasn't the only crazy one. About 27 others joined me in this 75 minute spin/bike training workout from hell. Now if you don't know the Central Florida Tri me...these people are SERIOUS. Most of them are cut, strong, lean and FAST. They have a passion for this sport and I have a tremendous amount of respect for each and every one of them. It is a little intimidating, however, when you know you are the slowest and heaviest in the room.

After a series of speed drill, Hector got to the part I absolutely hate: one legged drills. I am sure this is a drill that I will grow to love and appreciate but right now...I loathe it!! It is proof positive that I need more work on my hamstrings, quads and core but I gave it all I had. I know...Im whining...I don't like it when I whine... it's so unbecoming!!!

After the bike workout, Hector sent us out for a 20 minute recovery run. I jumped off the bike, slipped into my shoes and was the first out the door. From the bright lights of the gym to the darkness of the early morning, my vision wasn't the greatest. As I made a right to head out to the street, I forgot about the speed bumps in the parking lot...and...BAM..before I knew it, I was on my face on the asphalt. I scrambled to my feet with some road rash on my hands, elbow and knee...but most of all...a slightly bruised ego.

As usually, the pack past me on the run but I kept moving. It's at these times I have to remind myself that its amazing that I can run at all. Yes Im slow. Yes, Im getting better. Yes, Im getting lighter .. but Im definitely no where near the speed of these athletes. So I ran in the darkness alone...but it does give you time to think..and time to reflect.

That speed bump in the parking's was very symbolic of my triathlon experience in the last year. I hit that speed bump at Ironman Florida...I got banged up a bit...I let it bother me for awhile and then I moved on. I went out on that run feeling pretty good about my workout but knowing that there is SO MUCH to do prior to November. I just need to stay focused, listen to the experts, remember that food is not the answer to everything and get this job done.

There are 211 days until Ironman...I have one Olympic and two Half Ironmans between now and then and 26 pounds left to lose. Ive got some serious work to do....and as always...ill keep you posted!!!

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The Running Girl said...

Way to get up and move on past that speed bump! You've got plenty of time to prepare for Ironman this year and I just know you are going to do great!