Monday, April 13, 2009

The Size of your Attitude...

You CAN do it - it is all in the size of the attitude, not the size of you! -Kathy New Zealand

As I walked in this morning from teaching a 6am Boot Camp class, this was the comment on my blog. What a fitting quote for my morning.

I have been struggling with the way I look and how people perceive me. I was especially nervous this morning because I had to sub for one of my boot camp instructors who is on vacation. This is a class I do not know except for introducing myself on their first day and then introducing their instructor. In my head I wondered how they saw this 5 foot tall woman in front of them telling them how to work out. Do they take me seriously? Do they just wish their instructor was back? Do they think how could a plus size woman possibly be in good enough shape to make it through class? As I greeted each of them for the session, these things were running around me head...but I smiled...stayed positive...stayed focused and followed the workout.

At the end of the workout, I had a bunch of smiling women....sweaty...but smiling who told me it was tough but it was a fantastic hour. I wonder if they realize how good that made me feel just knowing I had given them a good workout.

I have spent the last few days really beating myself up about my lack of speed on the run and how I look in a tri suit. Today, donned in camo pants, combat boots and an instructor shirt, I felt like a strong instructor with a goal. Why can't I translate that feeling into triathlon?


Missy said...

The thing is...I'm pretty sure most women beat themselves up over how they look in a tri suit or other bathing suit. People don't see what you see, I'm convinced of that. I bitch about it all the time but only I see that my butt has worked its way up to my back;)

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

OK, here's the deal. Get a camo tri suit and I'll see you on the beach in PC in November! Got it soldier? Now get back to training!

Trigirlorlando said...

Ohhh now there's a fashion statement :) Thank you General IronBob...**saluting**...Im back to sweating .. I do sincerely hope to meet you in November :)