Friday, May 8, 2009

10 hours to race start

Well...Baby Blue (thats what I call my bike) is rack and waiting. My Tri bag is packed, my clothes are laid out and my nutrition bottles and gels are ready to go. There is no more left to do except put my mind to this, put the history of races past in the past and get this Half Ironman accomplished.

My stomach is in knots but I was comforted a bit by a few things. First, I have gotten so many well wishes on Facebook and online here that it has truly helped me get calmed down. Secondly, my husband arrived today after a hard couple of days of work to support my efforts tomorrow. What a wonderful hubby. I am so blessed. Finally, I got a phone call from Hector that put me at ease. He told me to trust my training and I will get it done.

I am so ready for a victory. I am so ready for a breakthrough. The weather tomorrow is to be very warm, very windy and very sunny. Im going to do all I can to focus on my nutrition, hydration and those goals I have set forth. I want a PR. Im Hector said...its time to perform.

Time for sleep...more tomorrow when I have a medal around my neck and those goals accomplished!! **BREATH MELISSA BREATH!!!**


Lani said...

PLEASE tell me the bike is secure on your car! Double check. Please!

You will rock the race (I like that, have to remember it for mine). Your stonger than you believe :)

RBR said...

GO ROCK IT GIRL!! You got this!!