Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A crossroads...

Now that Gulf Coast is done, I feel like I am at an intersection on the road towards Ironman. I have several choices. Go straight and continue on the path I have been on where there is no improvement in my times. Turn left, and bump up my workouts and probably make the 17 hour cut off...or make the right turn...continue to drop weight, gain speed, gain lean muscle mass and hopefully see a PR at Augusta 70.3.

It sounds like a simple choice doesn't it!! Go right....right!! Believe it or not...its not that simple in the real world of jobs, family and life in general.

My parents are not supportive of my racing. Matter of fact, my father sat down with my husband over lunch yesterday and asked him if there was any way "we" could convince Melissa to stop doing this "triathlon thing". "She's going to hurt herself" my father told my husband. Yeah...and I wasn't hurting myself 11 years ago as I sat on the couch stuffing my face at 380lbs. They use to be very upset with me that I wasn't active then. Now that I am active, they are still upset...guess I can't win there.

My eating has been under control but I have once again plateaued. It is as if I know just how much excess food I can consume before I start to gain weight. The objective in January was to lose 40 to 50 pounds by race day. At Structure House, I took off 13.5 lbs. and I have maintained that weight loss since then. The goal, however, it to lose the rest prior to November. Thats at least 26.5 pounds left. I gotta get serious about my eating.

My workouts have been completed but I know I can put a bit more heart and soul into them to make them more effective. If you race at all, you understand exactly what I mean. Some workouts, you just go through the motions. Other workouts are full of intensity and focus. I want ALL my workouts to have that intensity. Like I tell some of my clients: better to do 5 reps with perfect form than 15 reps with sloppy form.

So here I am at the crossroads. I have completed my 3rd Half Ironman. I can either stay in this safe place where I know I can achieve the distance....OOOORRR...I can move forward. Or as I told one of my training buddies: I can boldly go where most fat women have never gone before!!!

Left, Right or Straight??? Which path do you think I will choose?? :)


Anonymous said...

I think what ever path you take will be the right one for you. I am so sorry that you parents are not supportive. I guess some people just get this and some people don't!

I think I'm at the same corssroads too! I need to drop some weight. But stepping up my workouts and dropping some food is just...ugh!

Kate said...

I think you're going to go with the left turn. You want the IronMan thing pretty badly, but either way - you will choose what is right for you and we'll support you no matter what!

Lani said...

Tough choice(s) but isn't that what life is all about. Families and/or friends that don't understand, responsibilities that get in the way. Only YOU know what is right for you and the circumstances and you need to listen to yourself.

However, 26 pounds by November is doable. SMALL steps. It is May, not counting May or November that is 5 whole months remove NOT lose the weight (not lose implies you want to find it again). That is 5 pounds a month. 1 pound a week. Doesn't that sound more realistic?

With every pound you lose you gain untold riches in your speed, ability AND self confidence. You can do anything you set your mind too. So what is it you want to do most? Focus on that, then decide on what's next. Can you do both? Absolutely, if it is the right thing for YOU. I am confident that you will do what is best!