Friday, May 1, 2009

Yes...I listen to my coach

Ok...before you think I am doing this race WITHOUT my Coach's permission...relax. Hector agreed to let me do the Tri Miami Triathlon this weekend...but just the sprint instead of the olympic.

A few days ago, we had the great debate. Since I did so poorly in St. Anthony's then perhaps I should cut this race and rest for Gulf Coast. My problem with that theory was that this is a race I have been training for since February with my Team in Training buddies. I want to be there for them, for the Mission of the Leukemia Society and for the fun and joy of the sport.

Unlike Gulf Coast, this will be a fun race. Im going to go out there an enjoy the time on the course. Im going to soak up the sun, love the swim and relish the run. Sometimes we get so pressured up about racing that we forget that this is our hobby and its suppose to be enjoyable :)

The main reason I do this is for the Mission of the Leukemia Society. Im out there to find a cure for cancer and I have raised money since January for that very cause. (and I still am for future Team in Training Seasons) This is also my chance to race for my honored patient A.J. (see previous post for pictures and more info).

After looking at my race times and considering that it was truly difficult to get motivated for the race that wasn't the race at St. Anthony's, Hector agreed I was ready to do both of these.

So this weekend is about cheering on my teammates, honoring those that are still fighting Leukemia and remembering those who have lost the fight, like my 8 year old Godson, Christian. As always, Christian photo will be on me during the bike and the run as a tribute to his courage and fight. He is forever the reason why I do what I do.

More to come from sunny Miami :)


*LillaVi* said...

hello ;)

SinGal said...

GO TEAM! I have done TNT for 5 seasons and raised over $25,000.

But they don't have a Tri team in Las Vegas! :( Enjoy the race and yell a few Go Teams for me!