Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Running in the rain

Well..if you live in Florida at the moment, it appears that all our prayers for our drought ridden state have been answered at once. Its raining cats and dogs here..and it will be for the next few days. We oh so need the precipitation, but it does make for some uncomfortable training conditions.

Actually...I found I like running in the rain.

I awoke this morning at 4am...then proceeded to turn off my alarm. I woke up again at 450am and almost screamed!! DARN IT...Im gonna be late to my bike trainer season at the Y. My poor husband (who really deserves to sleep in on his days off) got to listen to me scurry around like a crazy woman gathering my stuff, jumping into cycling clothes and retrieving my bike from the workout room.

I got everything in and on the car and broke a few traffic laws to get to the Y at 5:05am. I set up and only missed about 4 minutes of the workout. I am noticing some improvement during these sessions. My cadence is getting just a little easier to maintain and one legged drills are not nearly as difficult (don't laugh..I can actually get all the way around now without dead spots). We finished up an hour on the trainers and Hector said he wasn't going to make people run their 20 minute recovery run in the rain .. that the group would do an obstacle course in the gym.

I went to Hector and asked if I could go run anyway. I think he was surprised. He gave me a 40 minute run and off I went.

I realized the rain is pretty nice as long as there is no lightening or thunder. The first 10 minutes of a run are always so uncomfortable off the bike. You would think by now, my transition muscles would get the clue that we are going from bike to run...but it takes a few minutes for this "machine" to get in gear. The rest of the time, I ran my Galloway method of 5 and 1's ..and felt really good.

Im trying hard not to focus on the time I need to make up in these races to finish at Florida in 17 hours. Im just looking at the workouts each day and putting in my 110%. Aside from losing weight, there really isn't anything else I can do but give my best.

Bring on the rain...


IronBob said...

I ran in Lakeland on Monday in the rain. I love it, also. It is natures radiator in that it cools you off. I am kind of hoping for overcast and very slight rain for IMFL. Might take off 1/2 hour or so..

RBR said...

I L.O.V.E. running in the rain! Biking? Not so much. But LOVE running in it.

Way to get it done!