Thursday, September 11, 2008

50 days..

Wow!! The countdown clock on my blog gave me a jolt today...

50 days.

Why this seems so ominous is beyond me but it just doesn't seem to be enough time.  I have had some hurdles in recent days...especially this week with Steve's illness.  We are also leaving Orlando tonight for Boston to host Steve's parent's 50th wedding anniversary party in Massachusetts.  We have 120 people coming for a sit down dinner and *I* am the hostess with the mostess. I have to pick up two cakes, put together the 120 party favors, make sure the flowers get delivered and dress 12 tables.  Should be an exciting weekend.

Meanwhile, somewhere between packing for our trip, doing accounting for my business and taking care of my hubby, and leaving for the airport at 4pm, Im going to stuff in a workout.  I thought about doing an open water swim at Lucky's Lake today but decided to do all my swim workouts in Boston (our hotel has a lap pool!!! Yeah!!).  I will meet with Hector at 1015 to get that workout done.

Next week I get back in the groove and don't have any other major family plans until after Ironman.  This hopefully means I will get in the miles that are important prior to the race.  I have to keep telling myself that I am doing all I can within the parameters of what's important in my life.  My family and my work have to take priority !  Ill post pictures from the 50th wedding anniversary when I return :)

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Kathy said...

I'm sure the party will be a success - have FUN!