Sunday, September 21, 2008

Athletes for the Cure Triathlon

Well...I decided to do it!!!  I did the Olympic Distance at Disney and I am very glad I did.  I treated this race like a training session.  I did NOT blow out my heart rate and kept it in Zone 1/2 and only ran 4 of the 6 miles like my program said to do.  It was PAINFUL not to go for the full speed I know that I have but I just had to do what Hector has written for me.

The swim was kinda weird.  81 degrees in the water and the start of the race had to be delayed due to fog.  I was the first wave to go off so it was kinda hard to see as we made our way around the course.  I made a point of starting in the middle of the pack to get the feeling of being pushed and shoved around in the swim as I KNOW I will be at Ironman Florida.  I gotta tell ya, this group was tough.  I was pushed, kicked and shoved a few times but I loved it.  It was good training for what is to come.

I made my way out of the water and RAN to transition.  Good transition with gear and shoes as I hit the bike course.  Alot of ups and downs on interstate overpasses on this 25 mile ride but I felt good and the new Zipp Wheels felt great.  Back into transition, I felt good but not as good as I did after the ride of the half Ironman course in May.

The run! God, I hate this run at Disney as it includes about a mile of trail running with heavy grass.  I stuck to my nutrition and felt GOOD but not GREAT.  I attribute this to training fatigue.  The miles and hours have been long.

God love my husband.  He was on the course eventhough the Disney Security Police kept people from being on the run to cheer on the triathletes.  He made his way down to the 1st mile marker and cheered from each side of the loop.  Meanwhile my friends Beth, Joy, and Beth's kids Hannah and Kelsey were screaming at transition and the finish.  Rick's daughter Jessica made a great sign while Kelsey and Hannah showed off their artistic skills with signs of their own!!!

Rick had an awesome race.  If you can imagine I went off in the first wave, Rick went off in the last (about 15 minutes apart).  Rick CAUGHT me on the swim and was the first out of the water in his age group (35 -39) which is quite an accomplishment.  He beat his last Olympic time by almost 20 minutes setting a new Personal Record!! Way to go Rick.

It was a nice weekend and Im glad I did it but I don't think I will repeat this race.  I just hate the run course!!  Ill keep you posted on the rest of my fun workouts and the big one this weekend!!!

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Kathy said...

Well done for getting out there and doing it.