Thursday, September 18, 2008

When your family just doesn't get it

I had lunch with my brothers, husband and parents today.  My parents are world travelers.  Their passion is to see every inch of this world from continent to continent.  They leave today for a 4 week journey around Europe and won't be home until right before my Ironman.  

They hate hearing about the race.  My mother has asked me a dozen times what day the race is so she can find some excuse not to attend.  When I realized a few months ago that Ironman Florida falls on the same day as the Georgia-Florida football game, I realized that they would have the ultimate excuse.  My nephew is in his second year at Florida and my family's blood runs Orange and Blue.  How in the world could they ever miss the World's LARGEST cocktail party that is this football game to come to an endurance event for their youngest daughter.  I mean...hey...its a triathlon...not a football game where a national championship might be in the balance.

Pardon me if I sound pissed but .. well...I am.  My oldest brother thinks that Ironman is a middle brother has run some 10k and is a damn good athlete.  He sorta gets it but I think he believes I won't finish this.  My parents...well...they just think this is another stupid and crazy idea from a daughter who just doesn't conform to being a fine southern lady of quality.  I mean..Ironman requires that you sweat and NOT wear makeup.  These are not the qualities of a southern belle.

Well...Ive never been one for doing what's normal.  Why the heck should I start now?? I have alot of different music on my Ipod but the words from a David Cook song stand out:

And Ill taste every moment
And live it out loud
I know this is the time
This is the time
To be more than a name
Or a face in the crowd
I know this is the time
This is the time of my life..

This is my time...time to close a chapter in my life that began at being 380lbs...and ends as an Ironman Triathlete.  No matter what my family thinks or feels...I know that my husband believes in me and my friends have been supportive.  Time to go get a run  in!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you aren't alone. My mum was the same. Couldn't understand, didn't even try to, and got fed up listening to me talk about it.

I hope they do come and watch you, as I think it changed my mum's mind on the whole thing. She saw just what a massive achievemnt it was, and how damn hard I had to work to get there. Standing around waiting for me to return after 4 hours of cycling, to then go out and do it again can do that to a person!!! Opens their eyes abit to the occassion that is Ironman.

Colleen Renee' said...

as you saw from my re-cap...friends being there IS truly a wonderful thing. My parents will NEVER get it and I have stopped trying to explain. I finally realized it is ok and I don't need them to understand. Having my 3 of my closest girlfriends at the finish what certainly ENOUGH!! I mean, who else will take pictures, stand around yelling at everyone on the course, draw me a HUGE ice bath and then hand me a beer but close friends!! Focus on what you got...not what you don't got! It will get you to the Finish Line and you WILL be an Ironlady!!

jbmmommy said...

Just found your blog- what amazing accomplishments you've already achieved! Good luck with Ironman, I'll be following along for sure. Sorry about your family, mine's supportive of my sprint races, I think anything longer they would think I'm a nut. Happy training.