Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet the "new pro" at Ironman Florida

Ok...if you want a good goes!!

I go to pick up my packet here at Ironman Florida and I ask the lady for packet number 2443.  According to the Ironman Florida website, that was SUPPOSE to be my number.  She searched...and then she searched again.

Im sorry ma'am, there is no 2443.

I gasped!!  What??  I begged her to look again, she did and no 2443.

I asked one of the volunteers and she directed me to the Registration Director.  She smiled and said "Hi Melissa...Welcome to Ironman."  I looked kinda perplexed.  "How did you know my name" I asked??  She said.."Well..I know that 2443 is our Ford Everyday Hero...but I changed your number this are now  pro number  55!  

ROFLMAO!!  Me!! A Pro!!  Now that's just too funny for words!!!  I did get the honor of checking in at the Professionals desk instead of waiting in line which was quite a blessing.  I was really overwhelmed by the nice words and comments from the Ironman Staff.  They have all been so incredibly kind! 

So if you're tracking me, Triathlete number 2443, don't panic!! I am going to start this number 55 with a professional colored swim cap!!!

Who would have ever thought!!!


Cuke said...

wow that is awesome. can not wait to find out how everything goes.

DLDancer said...

What?!? You didn't call and tell me that! I'm so excited for you. I'm packed and ready to start the support crew festivities...for the new Pro!!! See you soon...Love, Deb

Chad is sitting her with me wishing you all the best. He will be thinking of you! "Go Missey Go!"

Irene Odell said...

Sweet. That gives you some extra buffer time!

But now my poster is wrong :(

Ordinarylife said...

Good luck!

Lani said...

Do you get to start with the pro's too? How cool. What an experience.

55 is an awesome number. Know why? 5+5=10, perfection. You will rock the race my friend!