Saturday, October 11, 2008

Putting your feet on the floor is the hardest part of the workout

435am...and the alarm is ringing......UGH! My poor alarm clock.  After a year of Ironman training, it has almost been beaten into submission.  This morning it went off with a new "tone" sounded garbled and tired...kinda like me.

I get up early so I can "enjoy" my morning routine of coffee and oatmeal but it has to be the hardest part of my workout day.  Just getting up and getting moving when your body is screaming for sleep is a challenge.  When I have a difficult time getting motivated, this is when I think of all those people who wish they were in my position.

I think of the men and women 10 years ago who embarked on a clinical trial for the gastric bypass and lost their lives on the operating table.  By God's grace, I survived.  I think about my Godson who told me it was hard having Cancer...but he was going to beat "Vader" (thats what he called Leukemia). And I think of myself when walking around the mall felt like a marathon.  I am so very blessed to be up at this unholy hour of the morning and getting prepared for a day in the saddle.

Time to hit the road...and go log some miles :)

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