Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well..I didn't break the camera..

Yesterday afternoon, I had the honor and privilege of meeting Greg McFaddin-Film Producer for Ironworks Productions.  If you have ever watched any Ironman coverage shown on Versus, you have seen his work.  An incredibly humble and talented Canadian, he tried really hard to put me at ease as I spent two hours on the beach being interviewed and filmed for the Ford Everyday Hero.  

Did I mention I was so nervous that I forgot the name of my surgeon who did my gastric bypass.  That I stammered and stuttered through the interview.  How in the world do celebrities and politicians do this.  I looked at the camera and FREAKED!!!  

But Greg was so calm and so sweet.  He thought I did great but I felt like a klutz .  He asked me to walk down the beach at sunset and even that seemed so "not right".  

I guess I fell like i have no business doing this interview stuff.  I feel like I am standing in Fenway Park at the plate pointing at the right field wall and calling my shot in front of the biggest baddest pitcher in the world.  I feel like I should just be focused on the race.

We started talking about Christian and I couldn't help the tears coming to my eyes.  He is the reason I run these races and i wanted to make sure the world knew it.  I would much prefer the focus of this interview be on the Leukemia Society than on me.

Well..we will get to see the interview tonight.  Im so nervous I don't think I can even write anymore here.  I am doing another open water swim at 830am with some of the girls from Beginner Triathlete.  

More when I calm the heck down....


The Running Girl said...

I'm sure you did much better than you think and can't wait to see the interview.

Lani said...

Can't wait to see your first "pro" interview :) I know it probably seems overwhelming, and it probably is, but you didn't go looking for this, it came looking for you. Think of all the good that will come of it for others and for Christian's memory. I guarantee he is smiling on you right now!