Friday, October 17, 2008

Meet Triathlete


......And now it is very very real....

Holy crap...Ive got a bib number for Ironman Florida.  This is no longer "a couple of months down the road".  This is NOW!! Right here...RIGHT NOW!!  Do I admit to you that this brought tears to my eyes.  Im going to be an Ironman.

Im still struggling on my run workouts but this is nothing new.  The third time should be the charm as I attempt to complete 20 miles.  I was doing well on Thursday when i got an urgent business call that made me stop at 10 miles.  **Heavy Sigh**  So Saturday is the day....REALLY THIS TIME.  Saturday is the day!!

NUMBER 2443!  Thats me!!  Look for me as we now have 14 days until Ironman!!!

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Kathy said...

I will be on Ironman Live checking you out, and then we need all the gory details - I am thinking about doing Ironman Florida (if I can get in) in 2011 (I know, I know - miles away, but a girls gotta have plans/dreams).