Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another installment of "As the Stomach Shrinks"

Did Melissa survive dinner with her friends and their Chinese Gift Exchange (My husband ended up with a "yodeling pickle" as a gift...REALLY....no kidding)??????

Has Melissa logged in her food as her beloved nutritionist has asked her to??

Has Melissa survived the Christmas rush with a weight LOSS ???

Actually...the answer to all these questions is...shockingly...YES!!

My weigh in this morning revealed another pound lost!! Ok...so we are at 4.5 pounds lost. Definitely not moving fast but my workouts have decreased DRAMATICALLY (almost non- existant) and...well...ITS THE HOLIDAYS!! Ill take a small loss over ANY gain anytime!!

I have enlisted the help of my sports nutritionist as I try to lose weight so I go to Weight Watchers for the support (and let them weigh me) but also see my nutritionist who is helping me with some of my eating ISSUES!!

...and the story continue....tune in next week for the next installment of this Saga :)

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