Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekly Weigh In Report

Well I survived the holiday....I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any either!! I am still at a 3.5 lb loss. Not particularly thrilled with that but it is difficult to lose weight during the holidays!!

I am suppose to run the OUC Half Marathon this weekend but I am not sure if I will be able to. My husband has been gone for almost a week and he arrives back in town on Saturday morning..the same time the race starts. I just can't have him grab a cab and come home after a week of being gone!!! Im gonna talk to Hector and possibly run the exact same route of the OUC on Friday instead of the race on Saturday. I won't get a medal (major bummer) but at least Ill get the distance in!!

My life has currently been filled with Christmas shopping for my parents (my mother is not well and I have been trying to help out), decorating the house for Christmas and getting ready for the Boot Camp Christmas Party on Sunday!! Along with the celebration, we are having each boot camper bring a non perishable food item to give to the Second Harvest Food Bank!! Just another way to give back to the community!!

Well..I gotta fit in a 1 hour run today along with the running around town!!!

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IronBob said...

Let's get you to the finish line...
First, race less and train more.
You should be gearing up to one 100 mile ride per week by August. Do at least 5 and taper to 70 miles 4 weeks prior to the race. You can throw in a few runs during the week if you like, but finishing the Ironman (if that is your goal) is ALL about the bike.

My credentials: I do one race per year... that is it. It used to be the Houston Marathon. So, psycologically that hurtle is over. I think it is for you to based on what I have read.
Now it is one Ironman per year. My first, this year's fun fest in April (IM AZ). I couldn't have picked a better starter Ironman, this one having the 3rd highest DNF rate in history. But here is the important thing, even getting off the bike at 5pm with huge blisters on both feet and lactic acid in the quads preventing any semblance of running, I finished at 11:52pm.

Lesson: If you can finish the bike, you can finish the Ironman, so.... TRAIN on the bike more and race less.

Hope you heed some of this advise and I will see you at the starting line next November.

IronBob (SpongeBob's brother)