Thursday, December 4, 2008

We got Mom home..and then my own fun began ....

And almost back to normal. She told me she needed to go get her hair done today...and I informed her she was staying in bed and sleeping. My mother and I are the same genetics..she doesn't like being told to stay still!!!

With my mom's experience and some of the issues that were a little overwhelming, I called Hector today and asked for a couple of days off. I really need a break. He was incredibly kind. He KNOWS how bad I want to run the OUC Half Marathon this weekend but family obligations (my Mom and the fact my husband comes home for the first time in 8 days) makes it difficult to see the race as a priority.

I also think its important for women to make sure they take care of themselves. Cancer runs in my family so I am very vigilant about check ups such as OB/GYN and Mammograms. I had my mammogram about 10 days ago. You go in, they squeeze two private parts until they look like something at a Sunday Morning Pancake Fundraiser and you go big deal..

Until you get the letter that says YOURS was abnormal and they want to take another look.

Last night, as I returned home from taking care of my Dad, I opened the mail to find this letter. I didn't panic. This has happened before. Im a big girl and I have AMPLE bust line. The density of this bust line sometimes makes it difficult to read my scan.

I called the Radiology Group that did my scan so I could reschedule. I told the scheduler the issues with my Mom and she made it her crusade to get me scheduled as soon as possible. As it turned out, it was TODAY at 3pm.

My doctor is awesome. She knows I worry about this stuff because alot of people in my family have lost their lives to cancer including this type. They had someone review the scan but he was not sure so he called in another doctor. That physician called me at 545pm and told me...I was abnormalities..BUT he wants me back in 90 days for a follow up scan.

These are the moments that you sigh with relief and you thank the man upstairs for his grace. These are the moments I understand why you don't waste a single day of the great life you are given!! Thats why my push to raise money for Cancer Research is so strong. I guess the Manifesto of the Lance Armstrong Foundation kinda sums up what drives me in the fight against this disease:

We believe in life.
Your life.
We believe in living every minute of it
With every ounce of your being
And that you must not let Cancer take control of it
We believe in energy:
Channeled and Fierce
We believe in focus:
Getting smart and living strong
Unity is Stength
Knowledge is Power
Attitude is Everything.
This is the credo of the Lance Armstrong Foundation

....and this is the way I live my life.....


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Anonymous said...

That is a cool motto to live by - might have to put that up somewhere prominent in my house and read it - ALOT... glad things turned out ok.