Friday, December 26, 2008

So Many Blessings....

This has been a unique Christmas for me. Its not the first Christmas that I have been without my husband as he flies other families to their Christmas celebrations BUT it is the first Christmas that I have worked on Christmas Day. I decided to volunteer for a shift at Disney so some other Divemaster who had family in town could enjoy their holiday. My family and I spent the morning together, had lunch then it was off to work.

I grumbled a little. I grumbled about traffic around the park. I grumbled about how stupid I thought it was that Disney is actually OPEN on Christmas Day (it wasn't until the reign of Michael Eisner as CEO that we opened the park on Christmas). I grumbled about not being able to put my feet up and watch some sports it football or basketball or golf while I digested a huge Christmas meal....grumble grumble grumble.

How stupid and selfish am I?? I got into work and everyone was so upbeat. Sure, they all wanted to get the job done and get home but not a single person was truly negative. Our dive groups were fun, happy people that REALLY appreciated the fact that we worked on Christmas. We wore Santa hats. We wished people in the observation deck Happy Holidays. We worked our butts off but we had a ball.

Its amazing how things can be so different if you just address them with a positive attitude.

So goes it with the rest of my life. Business is a little slower than last year (not surprising with the economy) but we are still blessed with some regular clients who continue to attend. I am not an Ironman but I have been blessed with the experience of being the Ford Everyday Hero and knowing what the start, swim, T1 and some of the bike is like for an Ironman. Christmas was a little lighter all the way around but my friends and I had a ball with a Chinese Christmas exchange...probably more fun than if we had spent alot of gifts for everyone. And my amazing husband ... that incredible man of mine kept me guessing and surprised for the holiday even when he wasn't here.

We are sooooo blessed...and its all a matter of perspective.

As we enter 2009, my goal and my dream is to keep it all in perspective. The beginning of a new year brings such hope...such excitement. I want that hope and excitement and belief to carry on throughout the year. I want to keep in mind that each day is a gift so precious that it should never be wasted.

This is my year...and I know it will be yours too!! To all my friends, to the people that I have never met face to face that pay me the ultimate compliment by reading my words and to all those who I hope to meet and learn from in 2009...


Kathy said...

Great post - merry Xmas and a happy New Year to you. I'm hoping 2009 will be a great year too!!!!!

IronBob said...

I left a comment under one of your November postings, and then I did a little more blog research (since I am new to your site).

Sounds like you WERE ready and got a little bad GO juice in the bottle or caught something.

I am still an advocate of train more and race less, so take it for what it is worth.

Have a great New Year and if you need a little pick me up story, read my Oatmeal at 5 blog.


Ordinarylife said...

It has been great finding your blog and "meeting" you! I am sure that 2009 will be a great year for us all.