Friday, August 7, 2009

3 months..and a heart to heart with the folks

90 days...3 months...Wow!! As I type that, my stomach ties in knots.

129,600 minutes until the gun goes off!!

Now doesn't that get your attention!! ??

There is something about the 90 day mark. So much can happen in 90 days but can ENOUGH happen in 90 days to make a difference towards an Ironman. Hmmm...makes ya think.

I had my workout with Hector yesterday and I asked for my weekly dose of "cheap therapy". All he told me is that I am 10 times stronger than I was a year ago. Now you gotta understand, Hector doesn't throw out casual compliments. When he says something like that-he means it. I left the session with head held high (and sweat rolling down my usual).

The one thing that Hector suggested is that I have a heart to heart with my parents. He agreed with all of the comments that were made in my earlier post (Family and Ironman) that the parents should NOT attend. He sighted several reasons, most of which were made in YOUR comments to my blog!! See how smart you guys are!!! Im so lucky to have made a connection with so many smart people online!!

So, off to my parent's house I went. My folks are adorable at times. Approaching their 59th wedding anniversary, they remind me of two newlyweds who love to travel. They don't stay still for long. Coming in from some time in the Bahamas, they are off to North Carolina with only a day at home. Grass does not grow under their feet so I had to grab them before they were gone until September.

As I sat down in their living room, my mother looked at me and said: "You're gonna tell me you're hurt right??" "Something has happened in this Ironman training that has you injured right??" No...thank god...I am doing ok Mom!!

As I explained to them that I would worry about them worrying about me if they attended...they laughed. They told me that it wouldn't matter where they were, they would worry about me regardless. Last year, they did not come to the race. They didn't understand it. They didn't agree with it and they certainly didn't want any part of it but when they called and got my husband on the phone and found out I was in the medical tent, they were half way to the airport to come to Panama City.

They understand my reasons for them not attending the race and have agreed to track me as they watch the Florida vs Vanderbuilt game in Gainesville. "Gainesville is not that far away guys" I told them. "If I need you, you are just a few hours away".

So the DRAMA of the family attending is now a non issue!! I got bigger fish to fry this weekend. Before me is a 13 mile run and a 100 mile bike!!

As always, Ill keep you posted :)


Mike Auld said...

Sounds good except the fish to fry. Gotta broil, bake or BBQ the fish - fried isn't good for you.

If I made you smile I did my job today.

Mike Auld said...
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