Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ironman Problem Solving

I went to bed early last night...trying to get rest for my big day ahead. I had decided to do a 13 mile run on Sunday so I was hydrated, rested, and fortified for the challenge. My eyes closed immediately and I was off to sleep before my head hit the pillow. At 1am, my husband arrived home from a 4 day flight cycle. He is an airline pilot who ended up with a delayed flight then a delayed flight home. It had been a long day for him.

I woke up for just a moment to greet him, give him a hug and go back to sleep. 5am would arrive very quickly.

As the alarm went off at 5am, I finally did what I joked about doing. I broke my alarm clock! I hit it three times with my fist apparently and went back to sleep. It wasn't until 9am that I awoke to a lightly sore hand and alarm clock that was in pieces. You think my body was trying to tell me something??? My husband giggled as we stared at the broken time sentinel that had served me well for the last two years of Ironman training. I am sad to report...the sentinel is DEAD...very dead!

As I laid in bed and enjoyed something I haven't had in a long time, I felt guilty. I should be DONE with a run by now, I thought. My husband hugged me as he brought me coffee. "Enjoy this rest, Missey." he said. You have earned this. Your body is begging for rest if you go so far as to destroy the alarm clock in your sleep.

"Ill run tonight" I thought to myself...but I know that running in the evening is something I hate. I am a morning person (most of the time) so evening workouts are not my thing!! I like being on my bike at sunrise or hearing the shuffle of my feet on the trail as I hear the birds coming to life. The world is an interesting place at 530am. It is quiet..and serene...and tranquil..and if you are on the right road or all belongs to you.

So I went to breakfast with my husband and a good friend. I had dreamt of being able to do this for several weeks but I couldn't enjoy it. My head kept saying "You gotta get this training in...90 days til Ironman". My friend, Lisa, could tell that I was quite distressed by my lack of workout so she came up with a great idea.

"Don't you have a swim workout tomorrow??" she asked. "I do, I replied . She suggested that I join her with her boyfriend and my business partner, Rick, as they headed to the large pool at a local high school where my goddaughter, Jessica, was learning how to scuba dive. They were keeping an eye on her and I could get my workout in.

Now this was brilliant!! I hate working out alone and it would be nice to hang out with friends as I got a workout accomplished.

So goes the Ironman Problem Solving ... if you screw up there are ways to fix it ....thanks Lisa for helping me out and helping me stay on track. My 2400 yard workout was done...and I am more relaxed.

Don't mind me...I'm headed to the store to buy a new alarm clock!!!



My alarm clock unfortunately did go off today and I didn't break it.

Ran into Irene Odell at a SunCoast Parkway rest stop after I triple flatted.

Amazing how in a short conversation you can find out we blog with the same person.

Julie said...

LOL!!!! Oh how funny!

I'm glad you were able to get the best of both worlds today!