Monday, August 17, 2009

You can't control the weather..

Ok...before you start reading, I am asking for 1 minute of bitch time via my blog. Pull out your stopwatches and time me if you like. After that, I am not going to mention this silliness again....READY??? GO!!!

For weeks, Florida and the Caribbean have enjoyed one of the quietest Hurricane Season on record. Just when you start to get comfortable....WHAM!! Here they come!! Being a native Floridian, I can tell you, we DON'T takes these things lightly. There are a lot of storms that are no big deal...some water, some wind, a few hours without power and you are back to reality and cleaning up the sticks and leaves in your yard. Then there are other storms that put electrical transformers in your pool, crack the pool foundation, destroy your pool enclosure and rip your entire electrical panel off your house and leave you without power for 6 weeks. Sounds like Im talking from experience? Well....yes I am.

I am frustrated. For weeks, I have been planning to go to Panama City to train. I have changed the date twice because my training partner, Rick, had some scheduling conflicts. What weekend did we choose??? THIS WEEKEND!! The remnants of Tropical Storm Ana are forcasted to find their way right over Panama City for the weekend making a training ride one serious mess.

Cross your fingers!! As storms can die out, change direction or loop around and bite you in the butt (like Hurricane Charley did 5 years ago and caused the damage described above)..I am hoping that this storm falls apart and heads to Texas where they REALLY need the rain.

Come on weather gods, cut the girl some slack so she can get prepared for the race of her life!!!

Bitching concluded.....did I make it under one minute???


Mike Auld said...

Rain or shine. Let us know if you're still going. We'll be there for you.


A nice light rain would be nice... 4 or 5 inches, not so much.

Arnie wants to plan a trip up to PC to ride the bike route. I am not to hip on this (dont see the point) but I will probably give in to the newbie... Our "road trip" will probably be in 6 weeks or so.