Monday, August 3, 2009

Im just so tired...

Its that time of year agin when the training finally catches up with you and you ask yourself every morning...

Why in the WORLD don't I just sleep in and forget about all this!!! tired as I am, I still get up and I still train. Don't get me wrong, there are A LOT of days where the battle rages on in my head about getting out there and getting the work done but usually, I will think of the finish line and all the other reasons I am doing this and it will get me there.

The hardest for me is when I miss time with my husband or my friends. This weekend, we were staying at Walt Disney World. My husband and friends went off to the parks while I went on a 2 hour run. Which would I have rather done?? Of course I would have loved to go ride some roller coasters but that dream is still in my head and my I give my husband a hug and a kiss and tell him Ill see him at the pool later.

I remember what taper madness felt like last year. I remember being in taper phase and going nuts so this also pushes me forward. These are the days that will decide if I will be an Ironman.

The heat here in Florida right now is just brutal making training that much more difficult. Its a darn good thing that I am a morning person because getting up early and getting on the road at or before sunrise makes a difference. My bike on Sunday in 93 degree heat was just rough but it would have been worse if I started at 8am instead of at 640am.

"Bleed in training so you won't bleed in battle..." I remember hearing a Navy Seal Instructor scream at his students in Coronado in May as they ran down the beach. made me think. Train hard. Race easy.

So as I battle fatigue, the vision of the finish line is like a movie playing in my head. That is where I am headed....under 17 hours!!!


Marci said...

Keep battling, you can do it!! I admire your determination, you will be an IronMan!


You've got it soldier , pain now - fun later.

Now if you can, find a trail to ride on (for safety), stick a light on your bike or helmet and ride at 5:30am. Arnie and I do it (carefully) and it shaves 1 hour off the heat of the day.

I figure 100 miles a day in this stuff accounts for 112 miles + marathon come November.