Friday, August 21, 2009

Greetings from the Finish Line-Friday Aug 21 2009 read that just right...Im at the Finish Line.

Greetings from Panama City Beach Florida

This weekend is an important one as I plan to ride the Ironman Florida Bike Course..the full 112 mile bike on Saturday and then run half of the Ironman run course..a mere 13.1 miles on Sunday. No big deal.

Well...not exactly.

This is a VERY big deal to me because this place is a venue of triumph and tears. I have had my heart broken here on two different occasions...and celebrated in victory on another occasion. For me, this is a proving ground..and tomorrow...I plan to show that all the work is paying off...Im ready to cover these 112 miles and do it in the best time of my life.

I have been extremely blessed with an incredible group of close friends have come to support me and my business partner Rick. First off, Rick is riding with me tomorrow. He is already an Ironman Florida Finisher from 2007. He decided when I signed up to give this another go in 2009 that he would do one more Ironman...just one. So here he is, getting a little riding of his own in.

My oldest and dearest friends, Mike and Vi are here to help. They are going to meet us at the half way point of the bike to supply extra fluids, nutrition and a cheer or two.

And finally, Lisa, Rick's amazing girlfriend is getting her second taste of triathlon and training for an Ironman. She attended the St. Anthony's Triathlon with us this year but is learning alot about gu, gatorade, ice baths and body glide (maybe...too much information?? :)

Im nervous...Hell...let me be blunt...Im scared. It is so important to me to cover this bike ride in 7 to 7 1/2 hours. If I can do that, I know I will have enough time for the run.

Im almost too tired to type. It was a 7 hour ride to Panama City...a dinner out and some time setting up the equipment. The test begins tomorrow at 7am...

As always..Ill keep you posted...


Kendra said...

Can't wait for an update! 112/13.1 is quite a goal. I'm impressed. I don't think I'll be doing a brick that long before 11/7. Seems like the hardest part of the race to me! If you were able to do that workout in any amount of time, 11 weeks out from IM, I think you're going to kick some booty on 11/7.

Tri Mommy said...

I can't wait to hear how it went!

BTW, can you email me with the hydration system you have on your bike? I know you have the one that lets you stay in aero but without having the bottle between the aero bars but mounted on the bike....