Saturday, August 8, 2009

Whining will NOT make you an Ironman..

I woke up this morning and it was one of those moment where you knew your workout would be a struggle. After a long run on Friday, today's double brick looked like the Ironman itself. Coffee didn't make it better but the company did. I got to work out with my Team in Training Triathlon Team as they prepare for the Nation's Triathlon.

Whine whine whine!! This seems to be the order of the day. Im exhausted and I returned home after a 4 mile run, 22 mile hilly bike workout in Clermont and 1 mile recovery run and SLEPT for almost 3 hours. Knees hurt, body hurts...I think my hair hurts. I think its time to order a cheese platter to go with all this WHINE!!

And in my mind I know: Recovery is as important as the workout. Sometimes you have to step back and know that overtraining just makes you tired...and it makes you stupid. It does NOT accomplish your goals. Rest to the muscles WILL!

So today's workout, although difficult, was not long distance. I took today to take care of me with a quiet afternoon of sleep, reading and enjoying the company of my 100lb golden retriever named Murphy. I had a nice quiet dinner with a triathlete friend and my husband will be home tonight late from 4 days of flying.

Whining will not make you an Ironman...but taking care of your body will. Tomorrow Ill get up and Ill do my long run for the weekend but then its back to some rest. I have been going a little harder than usual with charity functions, boot camp responsibilities and diving at Disney. Gotta take some time just to enjoy this journey and understand the body needs to recovery to perform.

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Markus said...

Hi Melissa, your are absolutely right...Only recovery allows the body to build up after the impluses that were received in the workouts...I usually go with a 3/1 schedule with the longest/hardest training on the last of the 3 days. Works fine for me....