Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recognizing the signs....

I guess you could say that I am frustrated with thyroid and doctor visits. I guess I could blame stress with work or family or whatever. It all sounds so silly when the fact of the matter is: sometimes EVERYONE has a bad day with food! For someone with major emotional eating challenges, however, it can turn into more than just one day...

When workouts get more difficult or more intense, I find myself thinking of food as a reward instead of nourishment. This is a very dangerous and slippery slope for me. This is how things get out of control and before you know it, you are 10 pounds heavier.

I have to pat myself on the back in one way: I saw this coming. Instead of letting it envelope me, I am confronting those feelings and emotions head on and not losing hope. I know that this will take a bit of refocus and determination.

Just as my workouts have started to fall into place, I know that my nutrition can improve as well. Although this has been my stumbling block for decades, I have not lost hope that I can conquer even the mildest of detours off the road to healthy eating. I have learned not to beat myself up about it, but to recognize the signs that lead to this behavior.

I always joke that this blog is "cheap therapy" but it is one of those ways I grab ahold of my behavior and make the positive change. Tonight, I have been asking myself "Which is more important...the food...or being an Ironman?" Boil it all down, and that is the bottom line.

So instead of saying : tomorrow Ill be better, I have made the choice to grab this moment and focus. Im worth it. My dream it worth it. I will NOT let the hard work I have put into this journey be for nothing.

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RBR said...

know we have similar issues, I had to say Bravo! For seeing this early on. It is amazing how insidious it can be.

This is EXACTLY what got me before CdA. I got in this almost petulant place where I felt that I "deserved" X-Y-Z food and that this binge "isn't so bad" because I am working out so hard. I am an emotional eater and the long workouts, although satisfying, made my emotional state more fragile than I thought. I fed those emotions (almost unknowingly which is usually the case with me) with lots of really bad food and it led to 20 pounds and A LOT more emotional baggage in a very short period of time right before my event. I am not blaming the 20 pounds for my DNF, but it couldn't have helped.