Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't hate me ... but I got 4 days in a great place coming

When the going gets tough, jump on a plane and go to Jamaica!!

Ok...I didn't just PLAN to go to Jamaica, my husband and I had planned our vacation to fall after Ironman almost a year ago.  Although I am kinda chomping at the bit to get back to training, I know that I need a mental break.  Soooooo...we are headed to this beautiful beach for a few days of rest and sun.

Well...I was hoping for sun..turns out its raining in Jamaica for the next 4 days.  It doesn't matter, we are going to have fun anyway!!!

Back to the Ironman Journey after I return....


The Running Girl said...

Good for you. You deserve a nice break after all the training you've done. Go and enjoy and then come back recharged and ready to go again.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your well earned rest!