Monday, November 17, 2008

Staying Focused

Ask any Ironman triathlete and they will tell you that one thing that you MUST master in your training and in your racing is focus.  A wandering mind can be one of the most detrimental things that you can do to your race and to your preparation for a season.  Sometimes its difficult to step outside yourself and evaluate your problem areas and faults but I gotta tell ya..this is my downfall.

My friends will tell you I am EASILY distracted (actually..that is the understatement of the century).  We can be having a discussion and my mind can wander or I switch subjects without warning.  Its a HORRIBLE trait.  I'm sure if Attention Deficit Disorder or A.D.D. were well known when I was a kid, I would have been their poster child.  

When I returned from Ironman, Hector and I sat down and discussed the next season.  He also told me he would now only meet with me once a week for trainings and that I had to do the rest on my own.  I tried to explain to him that I really need the "routine" and the "focus" of meeting twice a week.  He would not agree.  He told me he was trying to "teach me to focus on my own training."  I understand his thought process, but for me, this could be a recipe for disaster.  I need that accountability.  That's why having a long distance trainer (I use to train with Carmichael Training Systems in Colorado) did not work for me.  No accountability.  No "in your face" training.  Its just not my personality.

I struggled with Hector's proposal for several days.  I considered hiring another coach.  I considered doing the training on my own (that DEFINITELY wouldn't work for me).  I got pissed...I got sad...and then I realized these emotions were counterproductive.  I am having to confront my DNF...AND changing my routine.  I am scared that my lack of focus will be the death of my dream.

So I picked up the phone and I called Hector.  I explained my concerns.  I made him a deal.  If I am consistent with my workout on HIS schedule for the next 90 days and PROVE to him that I am not screwing around with this Ironman goal, that he will switch my program back to face to face twice a week training from February to November.  He agreed.  

So...lets see if I can get my mind right...along with my body!!


The Running Girl said...

Posting your workouts (planned and actual) on here should hold you pretty accountable! You have the motivation and I'm sure you will be able to focus and get it all done.

Way to go on starting the fundraising already. I need to do the same.

Coach Bill said...

Missy - good luck with everything - do not forget that the most important thing is rest and recovery - this is the off season - work on things but make sure you rest your body and your brain - no one can focus on IM for over a year! I know Hector has you on the right plan - stay with it.