Monday, November 24, 2008

Its about giving thanks...

This Thursday is all about giving thanks but in a lot of households...its become all about the food.

Don't get me wrong. I love Thanksgiving.  I love Turkey and dressing and all the trimmings.  I have to remind myself at times that gravy is NOT a beverage and that the food is just the accessory to the family gathering and sharing what is so and togetherness.

For someone who struggles with her relationship with food and keeping her weight within a certain range, Thanksgiving can sometimes be torturous.  My sister in law is having us over on Thanksgiving afternoon and it will be a feast.  I have actually planned out in my head what will be on my plate.  I can see it in my mind's eye and my hope is that I don't deviate from that vision.  For the person who sees food as fuel, this is no big deal.  To someone who sees food as comfort, Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl.

Along with the family tradition of sharing on Thanksgiving, I am happy to report that I have created one of my own: The Turkey Trot.  Each Thanksgiving, Track Shack helps sponsor a 5k run/walk at 7am to help burn off a few calories and keep a healthy lifestyle component in focus on a day where that focus can be lost.  Whether you walk it, jog it or go for a P.R., its all good stuff!!! (and not good stuffing) Over 30 members of my fitness business: Operation Fitness Boot Camp will be participating so look for us if you happen to be running that morning.  As for me, look for me in the back of the pack bringing up the rear with a smile on my face and hoping I can run home another 4 miles to make the day a nice long workout!!!

From the Ironman Dreamer...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Shawn said...

wow - do I know where you are coming from here :( Two years ago I was well on a journey to finally hit my goals. I was training for my first try, I had lost 40 lbs and was the lowest weight of my adult life. Then thanksgiving... I seriously don't know what happened. I started eating and... It's like I never stopped - two years later I'm the heaviest I've been in in my adult life 60 pounds heavier then I was that thanksgiving day that was the begining of the end.

It sounds like you have a solid plan - have your vision stick to it and move on. It's a holiDAY not a holiYEAR like I seemed to treat it.

The Superbowl - yeah that about describes it! :)