Wednesday, November 26, 2008

...The OTHER Woman...

Well...after 23 years of was bound to happen.  She's fast.  She's lighter than air.  She gives him wings.... She is an older "woman" but she gets my husband all hot and bothered...

And her name is 5302K...well at least that's her tail number.  

Meet the other woman. Christmas came early to our household as we added "aircraft owner" to our list of crazy pursuits.  This Cessna 172 fulfills a dream for my husband that has been years in the making.  The plane originally belonged to the flight school where my hubby got all his ratings and was the aircraft in which he did his Instrument Rating Check Ride.  Although the airframe is older (and needs a new paint job), the engine is brand new and the avionics are less than 3 years old.  

We signed the papers and picked her up the day before giving thanks for all our blessings.  We flew from Sanford to Orlando and tied her down in her new home at Showalter Field at the Orlando Executive Airport!!  

Oh, and by the way.  A triathlon bike with the front wheel removed fits beautifully in the back seat :)

Cleared for take off!!!

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