Monday, November 10, 2008

The Race Wish List

Ok...the wierdness of triathletes and endurance athletes alike comes at the end of the season and shows itself proudly in the off season as they look back and determined what worked...and what didn't.

Needless to say, I look back at my season and say:..hmmmm...alot of things didn't work along with a few bright patches.  I guess the good side of that is that I will learn from those things.  I wouldn't have known if I could complete an Ironman if I didn't first give it a shot.  Now I know what I need to fix and get right.

I sit down with Hector Tuesday to discuss the 2009 season.  I always make a dream list of races and Hector just laughs.  " can't do 2 half ironmans a week apart!!" Why not??  Ok..I KNOW I can't do that..or better yet that I shouldn't but I like to keep my options's the dream wish list.

November 2008
Turkey Trot (gotta run off some calories on Thanksgiving Day)
Space Coast Half Marathon

December 2008
OUC Half Marathon or 5k (depending on if I do the Space Coast)
Reindeer 5k

January 2009
The Goofy Challenge at Disney-Orlando
-The Disney Marathon
-The Disney Half Marathon
All in the same weekend

Miami Half Marathon-Miami FL

February 2009
Florida Great Escape Triathlon-Clermont FL (Qualifier for Escape from Alcatraz)
Chilly Whilly Duathlon-St. Pete FL
26.2 Run with Donna Marathon-Jacksonville FL
5th Annual CAN Century Ride (100 mile bike)-Naples FL
Ft. Lauderdale A1A Marathon and Half Marathon

March 2009
Disney's Princess Half Marathon-Orlando
Miami Olympic Distance Triathlon-Miami FL (TNT event)
Wildman Moss Park Triathlon-Orlando
Super Seal (Olympic Triathlon with US Navy Seals!!) Triathlon-Coronado CA

April 2009
Ironman 70.3 New Orleans
St. Anthony's Olympic Distance Triathlon-St. Petersburg FL

May 2009
Gulf Coast Triathlon-Panama City Beach FL (similar course to Ironman FL)
Ironman Florida 70.3-Disney-Orlando
(Half Ironmans are 1 week apart..need to pick one)

June 2009
Baldwin Park Triathlon-Orlando
The World's Most Beautiful Ride-100 mile bike-Lake Tahoe(TNT event)

July 2009
Moss Park Triathlon Festival-Orlando
Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon (a little change in climate in the middle of the HEAT!!)

August 2009
Trip to Panama City Beach to do training at least one weekend
No races here (Ill go nuts!!!)

September 2009
Ironman 70.3 Augusta GA
Disneyland Half Marathon
Philadelphia Distance Run-Half Marathon(where I set my PR)

October 2009
Amelia Island Half Ironman

NOVEMBER 07, 2009
Ironman Florida

:) Ahhh the dream list...lets see what it looks like after Hector slices it down to size!!! :)


Elizabeth the Marathon Girl said...

Woman and I thought I was crazy. The TNT Tri-miami event is May 3rd which is the same weekend as the Gulf Coast 70.3 race. This means I will be doing St Anthony's and the next weekend coaching Tri-miami. I have not made a decision about the 70.3 at Disney.

The Running Girl said...

Wow! That's some list. I've been playing around with my 2009 list, too, but haven't figured it all out yet. I did America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride last year and will most likely do it again this year as my fundraising event of the year for TNT, so if that makes your final list, let me know and maybe we can hook up that weekend. I've also done the Goofy challenge before - very fun to do. Good luck with it all.