Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The final race list..

Well, as expected, Hector took a hacksaw to the "Dream List" and cut it down to size.  Below are the races that will be included in my race list:

November 2008
Turkey Trot

December 2008
OUC Half Marathon
Reindeer 5k

January 2009
The Disney Marathon (no Goofy)
The Miami Half Marathon

March 2009
Disney Princess Half Marathon

April 2009
St. Anthony's Triathlon

May 2009
Gulf Coast Triathlon

June 2009
The World's Most Beautiful Ride-Lake Tahoe

July 2009
Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon

August 2009
Training Weekend-Panama City Beach

September 2009
Training Weekend-Panama City Beach

October 2009
Amelia Island Half Ironman

November 7th, 2009
Ironman Florida

Hope to see some of you there :)


Shawn said...

wow! to a newcomer like me that seems like such an impressive list. it makes me want to sign up for about 10 more things!

The Running Girl said...

That's still a pretty nice list. I guess I should work on my 2009 list soon.

Chloe said...

Nice! I'll see you in Disney and Gulf Coast!

Sarah said...

Wow - that's a HUGE list, I wonder what it looked like BEFORE ;). I'm dying to do a half this spring, but making myself wait. I want to drop some weight and it's harder for me to do that while training (or, I use the training as an excuse to eat). I can't wait to follow you on your training!

Colleen Renee' said...

I will be seeing a lot of you..I am at Disney Half, St. Anthony's, Gulf Coast, Disney 70.3, Seattle Rock n Roll....good times. I love my job!