Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The newest installment of "As the Stomach Shrinks"

Welcome to the newest cyber drama on the web: As The Stomach Shrinks!!!

Since my recent discussion was about accountability...how about this...

I'm going to start listing my weight loss each week in my blog...

You know? That makes me scared just writing it...but I think it might keep me from stuffing my face knowing that YOU (the collective YOU that are kind enough to take time to read my words) will be seeing the results each week....sooo...here are the numbers for the last few weeks:

Weight loss in week one   3.0 lbs
Weight loss in week two   0.5 lbs

Total of 3.5 pounds since Ironman.  Ok...how about a little confessional time:

1. Last night was my 23rd wedding anniversary dinner out.  We went to Victoria and Albert's in the Disney Grand Floridian Hotel.  Its one of the best restaurants in Orlando and serves a 6 course meal!! Oh my!! It was amazing and we were stuffed...plus...we had champagne...a whole bottle between us!! I look at it this way-23 years deserves some champagne and a killer dinner!

2. When I am upset or nervous or stressed...what's the first thing I do.???..I EAT!!  I was really stressed over the garage sale and other family stuff so out of my 7 days of eating this week, I had healthy eating habits for about 4 of them.

Considering these facts...Ill take a .5 lb loss over a weight gain!! 

Tune in next week and find out....

Does Melissa make the bold move of NOT eating in her car??
Can Melissa cease the endless drinking of Diet Coke?
Can Melissa hit the 5lb loss mark and STILL travel over the weekend? 
Can Melissa keep up her workout schedule without overeating!?

The answers to these questions and more in the next installment of "As the Stomach Shrinks!!"


The Running Girl said...

Hey, losing weight after an Ironman is a great accomplishment. I know after I get done with a marathon or HIM, I really have to watch my food intake because I have been eating more to fuel my body, but am no longer exercising as much. You can do it!!

annabanana said...

Hey Melissa! I just found your blog thru BT. I am trying to remember if I met you at Lucky's one day back in the spring with another Boot Camp guy? I was there with my sister and maybe Mimi from BT was there, too.

Anyway, I am another Orlando-er and from reading sounds like we have a lot in common. I am also in the middle of losing 20lbs, and am in my 40s, and could use some mutual support. On BT I am annabananamc, PM me if you'd like to chat or train or commiserate or something!

Shawn said...

I'll be watching - and I'm right beside you working through the same issues. Food has been a good friend to me for a long time. Well it's time to find new friends - ones that don't make me unhealthy and fat! :)

Kim said...

I'm so impressed with weight loss after ironman!! I haven't been able to shake post IM blues and find myself eating like I'm still working out like crazy...maybe I'll give the car thing a try!!

Kathy said...

Weight loss AFTER Ironman - amazing.... I've gained mega, and it really pisses me off. Looking forward to reading the "saga".

Good luck with this weeks goals.